Sisterhood Program

Central to our mission, and an important resource on, is our Sisterhood Program. This program matches a newly diagnosed patient in the East Tennessee area with another local survivor based on the expressed needs of the newly diagnosed patient. Many of our members experienced the assistance of talking with a survivor when first diagnosed with breast cancer and found that experience to be empowering, educational and reassuring. We want to ensure that anyone affected by breast cancer has access to someone who has already experienced a similar situation.


If you are newly diagnosed and would like to be paired with a sister survivor that has gone through treatment, click below to start the process.

The survivors in this program want to pay it forward and help those following in their footsteps and are dedicated to being a positive influence - to listen, encourage, share their own experience and provide information. While the women in this program are certainly not doctors and cannot provide medical advice, they can provide examples of what worked and what did not work for them – everything from courses of treatment to how to communicate the diagnosis to friends and family.  They do not claim to have all of the right answers, but they are happy to share wisdom gained through  their  experiences.  The newly diagnosed can use this wisdom to help them understand the journey that lies ahead of them, make more informed decisions and reduce stress.


If you are a survivor that has completed treatment and want to mentor a newly diagnosed sister, please click below to start the process.


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"There is no family history of breast cancer in my family, so being matched with others diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer was invaluable to me. Breast Connect helped me get through a stressful time of making difficult treatment decisions."


Patricia Robledo  /  Knoxville,  TN

Breast Cancer Survivor since Oct 2014

We understand some of you may not feel comfortable being matched yet. We want you to feel welcome, so feel free to lurk, read, or visit our Facebook page and ask a question.


A BIG thank you to our supporters has not been established to sell healthcare, drive opinions, or be a persuasive source. Our exclusive purpose is to support those newly diagnosed as they create their own course of action. The women in this program are certainly not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. We can only speak from our own experiences. 

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