Nina Reineri  is president of Ascertainment Marketing, Inc., a media buying agency in the Knoxville market. Nina began her career as a media planner for a large agency in Los Angeles in 1986. A move to Knoxville, TN, took her to WATE-TV, where she spent seven years heading up their television research department, creating media plans for advertising sales clients. In 1996, she started her agency and became active in the Knoxville community’s advertising and marketing arena.


Nina was diagnosed in 2011 with breast cancer, and she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. Two years later, after meeting more and more survivors and watching many in her circle of friends become diagnosed, she started a survivors group called “Happy Hour for a Cure.” While starting out small, the meetings became larger in scope, and it became clear that there was a need for survivors to find local breast cancer information in a concise, simple format. BreastConnect.org in Knoxville was formed as a way for women to have a website that can assist them with their journey and match them with similarly diagnosed women who can mentor and support them through the process.

Allen Pannell

Vice President & Treasurer

Allen Pannell  is currently teaching Analytics in the Haslam School of Business at the University of Tennessee. He was the Director and Founder of the Master of Science in Business Analytics at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU). As a faculty member of the Graduate and Executive Education (GEE) at the University of Tennessee, Allen is responsible for successfully leading consulting projects for clients, teaching Black Belts in the Executive Development Program, instructing executive MBA candidates in statistical methods for business decision-making, and developing the Analytics curriculum and programs for the Center. Allen lost his wife of one year, Amy, to breast cancer in 2014. At the time of her diagnosis in 2011, neither Amy nor Allen had any knowledge or experience with breast cancer. When they met, Allen was pursuing his Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of Tennessee. After Amy's experience with breast cancer, Allen changed his dissertation from business to breast cancer. He researched a key decision that was pivotal to Amy’s care. He completed his dissertation and degree in December 2015 with new findings that can extend the life of one in five recurrent metastatic breast cancer patients by an average of nearly four years.

jen mowrer


Jen Mowrer is president of Mowrer Power, LCC, a marketing and media company that specializes in writing, integrated marketing, and presentation design and development. Jen began her career as a project manager at an architect firm in Chicago. After moving back to Knoxville, she worked at Scripps Networks    as Director of New Media. After a stint at home growing her family, she started Mowrer Power and   wrote  for the Branded Entertainment group at Scripps Networks. These days, Jen builds websites for her friends (Northshore Brasserie and J.C. Holdway), manages social media platforms and websites, and provides graphic design work for various companies.


Jen has been with Breast Connect since its inception. She developed and created Breast Connect’s initial website, continually manages their social media, and develops graphic design for the non-profit organization. Jen loves what Breast Connect is all about and has seen how it supports breast connect survivors as well as their family and friends.

A BIG thank you to our supporters

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