There are many organizations in the Knoxville area that hold events related to the topic of breast cancer. Breast Connect is not necessarily associated with these events and cannot answer questions concerning them. However, we will constantly update the events so you know what is going on around town.

Breast Connect Meeting

"Breast Connect began as a support to help me with the emotional, physical, and mental experiences that I had gone through with my own breast cancer diagnosis. However, it has been even more than that! I have met so many wonderful people and have become much better informed about breast cancer. As a five-year survivor, I'd like to offer hope, strength, compassion, faith, and determination to others as they face this journey in their lives. Meeting with these women and sharing our thoughts, ideas, and information has been a positive and blessed experience in my life."


—Dottie Arnett / Knoxville, TN

 Breast Cancer Survivor since 2011

A BIG thank you to our supporters has not been established to sell healthcare, drive opinions, or be a persuasive source. Our exclusive purpose is to support those newly diagnosed as they create their own course of action. The women in this program are certainly not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. We can only speak from our own experiences. 

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