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Welcome  to  our  Knoxville  area community  of  breast  cancer survivors.  is a website dedicated to providing those impacted by breast cancer with a one-stop  shop for resources. Our goal is for this site to answer questions, provide information, and help patients create the best course of action as they navigate their breast cancer journey. 

For survivors, BY SURVIVORS

"In a very short time, the Breast Connect FB group has been more supportive than the TNBC specific group, with 4k people that I was active in since February! I would post questions and never get responses. I am happy this group seems more willing to answer me. I feel supported, which is the whole point!"

Suzanne Worsham  /  Tecumseh, MI

Breast Cancer Survivor since January 2019


Courage to Conquer Cancer  and  Breast Connect  have formed a partnership initiative called Connect to Conquer, offering post-surgical supplies, patient education and flowers for breast cancer patients in Tennessee who require breast surgery.

Patients in need from every county within the 16-county Tennessee service area are eligible  to receive a post-surgical recovery care package, which helps them heal more comfortably after breast surgery. You can make a donation or request a care package at the Connect to Conquer website.

A BIG thank you to our supporters has not been established to sell healthcare, drive opinions, or be a persuasive source. Our exclusive purpose is to support those newly diagnosed as they create their own course of action. The women in this program are certainly not doctors and cannot provide medical advice. We can only speak from our own experiences. 

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